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University of Mary Washington

The University of Mary Washington (UMW) is a co-educational, public institution located in Fredericksburg, VA. First named the State Normal and Industrial School for Women (1908), it later transitioned to the State Teachers College at Fredericksburg (1924), and then to Mary Washington College (1938). From 1944 until its co-educational establishment in 1972, the college served as the Women's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for the University of Virginia. On July 17, 2004, the institution became known as the University of Mary Washington. Today UMW is comprised of a strong liberal arts undergraduate campus, and a leading graduate and professional campus in Stafford. UMW Libraries, composed of the Simpson Library and the Stafford Campus Library, provide a varied collection of resources in support of research for its users.

Materials contributed for digitization are from UMW’s Special Collections and University Archives and include publications highlighting student life, academics, and the rich historical legacy of the University of Mary Washington.

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University of Mary Washington
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Titled the Student Handbook, this publication was presented by the campus Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) until 1933, when it became a joint publication of the Student Government Association, YMCA, and the Athletic Association. In 1935, the title was changed to The Bayonet, but returned to its earlier title, Student Handbook, in the 1957-58 issue. The handbook contains rules and regulations governing the student body as well as conduct policies, campus traditions, and information for...
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